Comped Vietnam Tiger Camouflage Grizzly.45 Magnum Custom!

FULL CUSTOM L.A.R. Grizzly Mark 1 .45WM Winchester Magnum (Over Sized 1911)
6 Layer Viet Nam Tiger Camouflage Duracoating
Custom 5-Port "TJ 1911 TRI-MAG COMPENSATOR"
Millett Target Sights with Yellow DayGlo Highlighting,
Then Upgraded to a Leupold Red Dot DeltaPoint Scope with Custom Dovetail Low Profile Mount
Satin Polished Barrel, Semi-Bobbed Hammer With 1-Way deepened Serrations
TJ Series 1 Wide Beaver Tail Grip Safety, Extended Thumb Safety & Slide Release
TJ's Deluxe Action Work Package Taking the Trigger Pull Down To 2.5lbs and Crisp As Glass Breaking!
Level 1 Reliability Package To Ensure Complete Functional Reliability
( Throat & Polish + Fit & Polish Extractor + Commander Type Extended Ejector + Polish Breech Face )

Custom Camo Grizzly .45 Magnum 1

Custom Camo Grizzly .45 Magnum 2

Custom Camo Grizzly .45 Magnum 3

Custom Camo Grizzly .45 Magnum 4

Custom Camo Grizzly .45 Magnum 5

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