TJ Custom Black Teflon ParaOrd WartHog .45

ParaOrdnance Wart Hog Compact .45 Completely Coated in TJ's Black Teflon Plating
Trijicon Tritium Night Sights with Orange DayGlo Highlighting
Custom Extended Slide Catch Added to Match The OEM Extended Thumb Safety
TJ's Deluxe Action Work Package Taking the Trigger Pull Down To 2.75lbs
TJ's Minimal Reliability Package To Ensure Functional Reliability
( Throat & Polish + Fit & Polish Extractor + Polish Breech Face + Satin Polished Barrel)

TJ Custom Black Teflon ParaOrdnance WartHog .45 1

TJ Custom Black Teflon ParaOrd WartHog .45 2

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