Custom Match Colt Government 1911 Two-Tone

This is a very old vintage build up on a Colt Government '70 (originally build in 1980's)

S&W revolver rear sight was milled into the slide
TJ's YELLOW DayGlo Highlighting on Front Sight
Frame was welded to semi-square the trigger guard
The front strap & trigger guard were checkered
Frame is matte nickel plated, and the slide is plated with TJ's Black Teflon
Custom Super extended slide catch & Mag Release, Swensen extended ambi thumb safeties
Custom beavertail grip safety, flat checkered main spring housing
Short match trigger with stop, semi-bobbed spur hammer
Ported stainless match 6"+ barrel satin polished
Double Diamond grips, full length recoil guide rod

TJ's LEVEL TWO Package Including The Deluxe Action Work Package Taking the Trigger Pull Down To 2lbs and Crisp!
The TJ LEVEL 2 Package Included the TJ LEVEL 1 Reliability Package To Ensure Complete Functional Reliability
( Throat & Polish + Fit & Polish Extractor + Commander Extended Ejector + Mill Ejection Port Lower + Polish Breech Face )

( Please note some work items are no longer offered by me. )

Custom Match Colt Government 1911 Two-Tone 1

Custom Match Colt Government 1911 Two-Tone 2

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