Custom Sig Sauer Stainless 1911

3 Hole Aluminium Match Trigger, Match Commander Hammer
Satin Polished Barrel Hood + High Polished Barrel Round - Tip,
High Polished Guide Rod & Pins, Pachmayr Hybrid Grips
TJ's Orange DayGlo Highlighting on Front Sight

TJ's Deluxe Action Work Package Taking the Trigger Pull Down To 2.5lbs and Crisp!
( Acton Work Included a "TJ SERIES '80 to '70 CONVERSION SHIM" (Frame Slot Filler) )
The TJ Package Included the TJ LEVEL 1 Reliability Package To Ensure Complete Functional Reliability
( Throat & Polish + Fit & Polish Extractor + Commander Extended Ejector + Polish Breech Face )

Custom Sig Sauer Stainless 1911 1

Custom Sig Sauer Stainless 1911 2

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