Custom Vintage Springfield Armory 1911A1 Grey & Black Teflon .45 Comp Gun

This Springfield Armory 1911 was Custom Built in the early 1990's
TJ's Black Teflon Plating on Slide & Small Parts, and TJ's Special Edition Charcoal Grey Teflon Plating on Frame
Match Commander Hammer (Polished & Jewelled), Satin Polished 3-Hole Match Aluminum Trigger / Extended Beavertail Grip Safety
Extended Thumb Safety & Slide Catch & Magazine Release Button / Mag Well / Checkered Front Strap & Main Spring Housing
Custom Reaper Laser Cut Walnut Grips / Vintage 6 Port Comp & Match Barrel - Satin Polished Barrel Hood + Polished Barrel Round
Reverse Guide Rod Plug with Polished Guide Rod & Tip / Rounded BoMar Target Sights with Orange DayGlo™ Highlighting
( † Some items/features are no longer offered / available. )

The Full TJ Action / Trigger Job / 1.75lb Trigger Pull With Minimal Trigger Creep / Overtravel
And Of course the TJ 'COLT 1911 LEVEL ONE - FULL RELIABILITY PACKAGE' which should be the foundation of all 1911 jobs.

Throat & Polish the Barrel & Feed Ramp To Insure Feeding Reliability
Fit & Polish The Extractor (Bevel & Polish Face To Prevent Breakage, ReCut Hook, and Adjust Tension)
A Custom Extended And Beveled Commander Type Ejector For Proper Throw Angle
Milling The Ejection Port Lower To Allow Spent Cases To Exit Unrestricted
Satin Polish Barrel Hood For Smoother Barrel Cycling
Surface & Smooth Breech Face, + Check All Functional Reliability

Custom Vintage Springfield Armory 1911 Grey & Black Teflon .45 Comp Gun

Custom Vintage Springfield Armory 1911 Grey & Black Teflon .45 Comp Gun

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