Custom Sig Sauer P226 HardChrome, Silver & Black

FULL CUSTOM Sig Sauer P226 9mm With Frame Custom Anodized Silver & Black,
Slide and Small Parts are Plated With Mirror High Polished Hard Chrome
Fine Semi-Bobbed Polished Hammer, Polished TJ Stainless Steel Short Trigger,
Fully "Melted" (Rounded & Smoothed - Sharp Edges Removed),
Meprolight Night Sights with Red DayGlo Highlighting,
Polished & Small Jewelled Barrel & Extractor, UP-Bent Slide Catch Lever,
Level 1 Action / Reliability Package & Polished TJ Hex Head SS Grip Screws

Sig Sauer P226 With Silver & Black Frame 1

Sig Sauer P226 With Silver & Black Frame 2

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