New Colt Python .357 Magnum Stainless Customized by TJ's Custom Gunworks

Basic custom work includes a deluxe action/trigger job + removing the dreaded "hump" on the SA pull.
Removing the deep factory serrations on the trigger, and then rounding the trigger and giving it a mirror polish (brushed satin polish is optional),
and honing & polishing the cylinder chambers (*extra fee).     (*Additional info at bottom of this page.)

Custom New Colt Python .357 Magnum Stainless

Custom New Colt Python .357 Magnum Stainless

New Colt Python Rounded & Polished Trigger

Internal action mechanism after TJ smoothing & polishing.

New Colt Python Custom Action work

Trigger modification stages....

New Colt Python OEM Serrated Trigger

New Colt Python Trigger Serrations Ground Down

New Colt Python Custom Rounded & Polished Trigger

New Colt Python Custom Rounded & Polished Trigger

New Colt Python Custom Honed & Polished Cylinder

In MY opinion, the new design of Colt Python was very poorly executed. While the quality of build is excellent, the functional interaction of parts is extremely poorly thoughtout.
Again, this is all just my own opinions & perception as a gunsmith for 40+ years, but I feel the engineers at Colt were only concerned with "quick & easy parts replacement" rather then the quality of the mechanism or trigger pull. Additionally Colt seems to have disreguareded any ability to upgrade their fixed-design mechinism in these pistols. I have modified dozens of the new Pythons, and have ran into several obsticles in their design, the most promenent being a hesitating trigger return which is only exasterbated by any smoothing of the action mechanisim, despite that common sense would suggest the contrary.

The bottom line, as for the DA (Double Action trigger pull), I can smooth it up a little, but if I actually lighten the DA pull at all, then it hits the primers softer and you may get missfires, additionally you are likely have problems with the trigger return. Most people opt to keep the heavier OEM DA pull and just focus on the SA improvement (Single Action trigger pull).

Most Python owners are more concerned with the horrible SA pull on the new Pythons. I can for the most part remove the perceived "hump" that you must overcome to execute SA firing, but it can never be as nice or as light as an S&W revolver. I have found most new Pythons to come in at 6-7lbs SA, and after my work the SA is usually 3-4.5lbs depending on the perticular pistol..

I always do my best on every gun I work on, it is not a factory line here, I spend hours on every project because that is what I enjoy doing, I make each gun as good as I possibly can, but sometimes I am limited by the design, as is the case with these new pythons.

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