TJ 'STEALTH 1' Ultra Compact 1911 .45 ACP

This gun is old news for most people by now,
but because of this gun was featured on the "Mr & Mrs Smith" movie poster & MMS DVD
I have been asked about it very often again.....
so I am including it again with my new photo pages with full description.

This gun started life as a full size Government 1911 and Detonics Slide that I chopped down.
(Both Slide & Frame Were Sectioned and the Middles Removed,
then ReWelded Together Making A Sub-Compact 1911 .45 )(Circa 1986)
( Note that these TJ Cutdown 1911's were the bases of the later compact .45's that you see nearly every manufacturer making now,
but for MANY years the "TJ STEALTH" pistols were the SMALLEST .45 Automatics in the world! )

Custom Fabricated & Welded Finger Rings & Trigger Guard
(The base of your middle finger is the strongest part of your grip,
so the secondary ring makes this small compact VERY controllable)

All Parts Have Been "Flush Cut" to Eliminate Snag and Minimize Gun Print Profile.
Fully Bobbed Hammer With Cocking Notches To Ease Cocking,
Completely Rounded Magazine Release For "No Release Carry" In Rugged Carry Conditions,
Checkered Safety & Slide Catch to Allow Positive Engagement / Disengagement.
Black Fiber Trigger, Barrel / Slide Porting, Extended Mini Beavertail,
Aluminium Grip Panels With 4 Flat Hex Screws For Ultra Thin Profile (I did it FIRST!) - (Circa 1986)
Custom Fabricated Magazine (6+1), Entire Gun Glass Bead Blasted Stainless, Small Parts High Polished.
"Melted" (Rounded - Sharp Edges Removed), Night Sights with Orange DayGlo Highlighting,
TJ's Deluxe Action Work Package Taking the Trigger Pull Down To 2.5lbs and Crisp As Glass Breaking!
Level 1 Reliability Package To Ensure Complete Functional Reliability + Satin Polished Barrel
( Throat & Polish + Fit & Polish Extractor + Commander Extended Ejector + Mill Ejection Port Lower + Polish Breech Face )

TJ 'STEALTH 1' Ultra Compact 1911 .45 ACP 1

TJ 'STEALTH 1' Ultra Compact 1911 .45 ACP 2

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