TJ's Custom Gunworks
"Full Sig Sauer Pistol
Disassembly & Reassembly"

Instructional DVD Video

TJ's Custom Gunworks 2009

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DVD presentation includes the following:

In this video presentation you will learn how to identify
your Sig Sauer pistol using the "TJ - Typing" method.
You will learn what tools are required for each model,
and how they should be used for each task.
And of course, you wll learn how to
your Sig Sauer handgun correctly.

Correctly disassembling and reassembling your pistol
will ensure it's optimum reliability and accuracy.
With every part removed and readily available for detailed cleaning
and re-oiling you will be sure to always have your weapon
operating at it's peak efficiency at all times!

Models shown on this DVD will be a Sig Sauer P220, and P229.
However the instructions and proceedures are applicable to:
P220 - P225 - P226 - P228 -P229 - P239 -  P245
As well as variations of these models including the
DAK and SRT trigger version models of these pistols.
This DVD will NOT cover Sig .380 models, X5 models,
SAO models, SigPro models or Sig Mosquito .22 models.

DVD Chapters Will Include:

"TJ Typing" and Identification of your Sig Pistol Model


The Tools Required for Disassembly & Reassembly


Full Disassembly & Reassembly of a Sig Sauer P220 (Type 1) .45ACP


Full Disassembly & Reassembly of a Sig Sauer P229 (Type 2) .40 S&W



Special Photo Tutorial on Type 3 Extractor Removal

Bonus "Custom Sig Handguns" Photo Gallery

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Sig P239 will have the same instructions as the P229 except for the "hammer rebound spring" unique to the P239 model.

Sig DAK and SRT use the same basic proceedures even though the parts will vary slighty visually from the standard SA/DA counterparts.

TJ's Custom Gunworks 2009